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Online Legacy Bootcamp

Whether you want to launch or reboot a legacy program in your nonprofit, this six months course will teach you the technical aspects of establishing a solid legacy program that will engage your donors and will lead to a growing pipeline. The program includes monthly webinars, group, and individual coaching sessions, as well as templates and readings.

Groups are kept small – no more than 12 participants – so you can get the personalized attention in your learning journey that you deserve.

  • Lesson 1 - Build the Infrastructure

    This month we start looking at what you need to develop and put in place in order to build your legacy program on a solid foundation.

  • Lesson 2 - Identify prospects to build a pipeline

    Lead generation is the key to a growing an engaged and progressively-moving pipeline. This exciting module will teach you: What are the statistical predispositions for legacy giving Data segmentation matrix & prioritizing prospects Creating a systematic 4-step legacy pipeline Designing engagement opportunities at every stage of the pipeline

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  • Lesson 3 - Developing legacy marketing materials

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  • Lesson 4 - Making a legacy ask

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  • Lesson 5 - What happens after the pledge?

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  • Lesson 6 - Reporting and tracking your progress

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