I’ve been mulling over this topic for months, maybe years. As a nonprofit professional, we often have to rally people around a common goal and overcome objections. It can be challenging, it can even drain every ounce of energy we have. But here’s the thing, I’ve come to realize is that objections from other fundraising […]

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you have a great new project you take on and you eagerly start implementing it but fail to plan every little details because, you, know, we’ll figure it as we go along. Next thing you know, you’re well into the implementation and realize there’s a few things you could […]

My buddy Simon Scriver (rockstar nonprofit consultant extraordinaire from Ireland) has this fabulous podcast called Simon Scriver’s Amazingly Ultimate Fundraising Superstar Podcast – just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?! It’s nothing like any other podcast because he just has an unscripted conversation with amazing fundraisers and touches on all kinds of topics. Perhaps, the […]