I thought that would get your attention. Reporting legacies is often a topic of great discussion and debate among legacy fundraisers. The pressure by decision-makers in organizations on the legacy fundraiser to both project figures and to meet these projections is in my opinion what is wrong and short-sighted in legacy fundraising as a whole. […]

Sometimes you stumble across a website with a wealth of information and you ask yourself…. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? That was my reaction when I found Give Green Canada while doing research on the Canadian legacy market. Developed by Canadian legacy rockstar Natasha van Bentum and funded by foundations, corporations and the […]

Years ago I was asked to review and critique an organization’s legacy marketing materials. It was quite good: nice layout, compelling copy and poignant donor testimonials. Until I saw that it included giving categories. Let’s make something clear, I believe giving categories are a fabulous way to help donors understand what can be made possible […]

Hmm, it’s Wednesday evening and I promised I’d post every Tuesday …. Ok back on track folks! Last week I covered in greater detail the first two tips from the microlearning video I referred to in my January 8 post. Today I’ll discuss the last 2 tips. Tip 3: Start small: drip legacy messages in […]

In last week’s entry, I shared with you four tips to get your legacy program off the ground. I hope you found it useful. I promised to elaborate on every point so here goes. Tip 1: Get buy-in from senior management and the board (find allies) Proposing a new fundraising program can be intimidating to […]