Online Legacy Coaching Program

Are you struggling to get your legacy (gifts in wills) program off the ground?

Has your legacy stalled because you don’t have enough hours in the day to make your pipeline grow?

Are you afraid to miss out on the multi-billion dollar/euro/pound/yen wealth transfer expected over the next 5-15 years?

Do you wish you could get the training you need from the comfort of your desk or couch?

#GlobetrottingFundraiser’s online legacy coaching is the solution you’ve been looking for!

The 5 Ws of the program

Who? You, the bright and motivated fundraising professional that wants to be a legacy rock star and take advantage of the immense wealth transfer. Small shop? Yes, come join us! International NGO? Why not? Everyone is welcome and the program will cover options whether you are in a big shop or a sole fundraiser in a small nonprofit.

What? Sign up NOW for this fabulous Online Legacy Coaching Program

When? Starting January 2020

Where? Your desk, your couch, or on a park bench. Basically wherever you are comfortable, you have good internet connection, and where you feel you have everything you need to be engaged and to learn.

Why? Because donors want to leave a legacy and because your beneficiaries deserve it!

The formula is simple. This is what you’ll get from the program:

  • Monthly live webinars (recorded for you to view over and over again)
  • Slide decks, tools, templates, sample documents, worksheets, and handouts
  • Short assignments to ensure you are implementing your program and everyone is held accountable
  • Special guests
  • Access to my personal directory of fundraising and legacy resources (I mean hundreds of papers, conference presentations, articles, research, etc)
  • Small group so you can have personalized attention
  • Access to a private Facebook group to engage and discuss topics throughout the course
  • One individual, one-on-one, 30-minute coaching call per month (as needed, you decide)
  • One 45-minute group coaching call per month
  • CFRE credits at the end of the program (TBC)
  • Certificate of completion (digital)
  • Have fun while learning and making new professional connections

Your commitment throughout the program:

  • Implement your legacy program
  • Set a non-financial goal for your legacy program
  • Attend a minimum of 6 of the 9 webinars and group coaching sessions
  • Schedule a minimum of 4 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Plan for approximately 1 of prep time per week for readings and homework
  • Invite senior management or board members to optional sessions (4 to choose from)

Here’s the syllabus:

Month 1 - The Right Mindset and Building Your Case for Legacy Investment
Month 2 - Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Month 3 - Build the Infrastructure
Month 4 - Developing Legacy Marketing Materials
Month 5 - Identifying and Rating Prospects
Month 6 - Creating a Legacy Pipeline
Month 7 - Making a Legacy Ask
Month 8 - What Happens After the Pledge?
Month 9 - Reporting and Tracking your Progress

You cannot start a legacy program without the commitment from senior management and the board. This month, you will learn how to build your business case to secure investment for your legacy program.

  • What is the right mindset for legacy giving?
  • The current state of legacy giving at home and around the globe
  • How to get senior management and the board excited about legacy giving
  • Elements of a strong business case

Most legacy programs fail or have difficulty striving because there is no culture of philanthropy in the organization. This month, you’ll learn strategies to help rally the whole organization to advance gifts in wills.

  • Fundamentals of a strong culture of philanthropy
  • What are culture killers
  • Breaking down silos and working collaboratively

*Optional: invite other team members or board members to this session*

You want to run a smooth legacy program and for that, you’ll need a robust infrastructure. This month, we’ll cover the following:

  • Creating policies for legacy gifts and endowments
  • Build a budget for your program
  • Build your experts’ panel
  • Database business procedures

Inspirational, donor-centered, and emotive marketing materials can make or break your legacy program. This important module will cover:

  • What the science tells us about how people make decisions
  • Legacy marketing best practices
  • Create your inspiring legacy proposition
  • Printed and digital brochures, ads, videos, letters and appeals

Lead generation is the key to a growing legacy file. This exciting module will teach you:

  • What are the statistical predispositions for legacy giving
  • Data segmentation matrix
  • How to prioritize segments
  • Create your prospect rating system
  • Create your online and offline survey

Keep you leads and prospects engaged through an effective and progressively-moving pipeline. This month we'll cover:

  • Creating a systematic 4-step legacy pipeline
  • Designing engagement opportunities at every stage of the pipeline
  • Moving prospects through the pipeline

Asking for a legacy gift differs from a monthly or even a major gift. This month you’ll flex your asking muscles and learn ...

  • How to secure a visit
  • How to structure (warm up, what to ask) your visit and ask
  • Follow-up and next steps after the visit
  • Ethical considerations when working with older donors

*Optional: invite senior management or board members to this session*

You got the pledge, you stewarded your donor and then you are notified the donor has passed and the gift in will is coming. This month you’ll learn how to administer the gift and work with the family or the executor.

  • Develop a continuous stewardship plan for your pledgers
  • Steps and procedures following a death notification
  • Administering the gift

*Optional: invite your Director of Finance or Finance Chair on the board to this session*

Peter Drucker is often credited for saying “What gets measured gets managed”. This month you’ll learn all about reporting, tracking your progress and building on your results such as:

  • Identifying the right KPIs to track
  • Defining your KPIs
  • Developing a legacy dashboard tailor-made for your organization
  • Developing your legacy strategy based on your insights

* Optional: invite your CEO/ED or board members to this session*

Are you in? Are you ready to start?

To explore whether this is the right program for you, schedule a 30-minute call with Ligia to discuss your participation in the program.

But Ligia, how much does the program cost?

I know, I know, professional development budgets are always on the chopping block! But, without continuous learning, how will you serve your beneficiaries and donors as they deserve?
The truth is, legacy programs have a higher rate of return than any other fundraising approach today. Can you really afford to leave money on the table?
The whole program will cost as little as USD $350 per month, that’s a total of USD $3,150.

Considering the average legacy gift is USD $37,000, that’s just 8.5% of ONE legacy gift!

Click here to download your “Convince my Boss Case for Support“. 


(hee hee, I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Get a special introductory price by registering before December 10, 2019.

Why? Because I’m a legacy geek. I love this work and I want you to love it too.

How much is the discount? 50% OFF  but you have to book a call with me and I’ll share with you the special code (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Hurry, the program begins in January 2020!