We’ve all seen entertaining speakers but when you break it down, there’s often little content. Don’t fall for it!

You know that engaging speakers who present research-based content can make or break your conference and training. If that’s what you want for your event, drop me a line!

We can work together to craft a specific session or masterclass based on your specific needs.

Alternatively, these are the sessions I have presented on in the past:

  • Legacy masterclass
  • Launching a legacy program
  • Embracing your legacy pipeline
  • Legacy KPIs and reporting
  • Global perspectives of legacy giving
  • Ethics Jeopardy
  • 10 ideas to elevate your small shop fundraising plan
  • Fundamentals of fundraising
Locations Session titles

AFP – Quebec Chapter

Fundamentals of Fundraising, Module 5-Securing the Gift (French)

AFP – Quebec Chapter

Launching a Legacy Program (French)

Italian Fundraising Association conference, Peschierra del Garda

Embracing your legacy pipeline
Canadian Association of Gift Planners Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada Legacy KPIs and a dashboard: Reporting without losing your mind
AFP International Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Planned Giving: The Next Generation (1-day masterclass);

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Mental Health in Nonprofit Sector;

Getting Value from your Top Talent: Does Money equal Worth?

Migration at the Border: Managing the Crisis.

Using Facebook and Instagram to boost your legacy program

AFP Microlearning videos

Launching a legacy program (in English, Français, Español)

KPIs for Legacy Programs

International Fundraising Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Long-term income unlocked: Building a sustainable legacy giving programme (masterclass)
AFP Arizona Chapter Conference, Flagstaff, AZ Ethics Jeopardy;
Ten Ideas to Elevate Your Small Shop Fundraising Program
Institute of Fundraising Conference, London, UK Ethics Jeopardy
Club de Fundraising interview, Buenos Aires, Argentina How legacies present a huge fundraising opportunity for organizations in South America (in Spanish)
ABCR, São Paulo, Brazil Ten Ideas to Elevate your Fundraising Program
Guest presenter for Pamela Grow (webinar) Working and Embracing Your Legacy Pipeline
Facebook Live with Gail Perry New ideas for legacy giving
Insamlingsforum, Swedish Fundraising Association, Stockholm Ten Ideas to Energize your Small Shop Fundraising Program;
Wish I’d Thought of That 10 Years Ago;
Legacy masterclass (one day)
AFP International Conference, New Orleans, LA Fundamentals of Fundraising (pre-con 2-day course);
Gender Equity;
Sexual Harassment;
Philanthropists, Power & Democracy
AFP International (Webinar) Working Your Legacy Pipeline
International Fundraising Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Turning a No to a Yes for legacies
Greenpeace International (webinar) Best Practices in Legacy Fundraising
Northern Pennsylvania AFP chapter conference Legacy masterclass;
Wish I’d Thought of That 10 Years Ago;
Ethics Jeopardy
AFP International (webinar) Wish I’d Thought of that 10 Years Ago (launching a legacy program)
AFP International Fundraising Conference, San Francisco, CA Fundamentals of Fundraising (pre-con 2-day course);
Fundraising for/as Social Change
Fundraising Institute of Australia, Gold Coast, Australia Ethics Jeopardy;
Wish I’d Thought of that 10 Years Ago
Bloomerang (webinar) Launching a legacy program in a small shop
AFP International Conference, Boston, MA Fundamentals of Fundraising
AFP New Jersey Chapter Conference Ethics Jeopardy
AFP International (webinar) 10 way to re-energize your small shop fundraising program
AFP International Conference, Baltimore, MD Fundamentals of Fundraising
CAGP-ACPDP Montreal Round Table Jeopardy éthique pour les professionnels en dons planifiés
Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement Conference, Toronto, Canada Ethics Jeopardy
CAGP-ACPDP Annual Conference, Halifax, NS Ethics Jeopardy
AFP International Conference, San Antonio, TX Ethics Jeopardy
AFP and the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Montreal, QC Without a Doubt: Navigating the Ethical Grey Zones
2010 — 2012  
The Charities File Offering presentations on charities’ responsibility towards the Canada Revenue Agency and the fundraising guidelines
AFP – Quebec chapter, Montreal, QC Canada Revenue Agency Fundraising Guidelines
Annual Canadian Association of Gift Planners conference, Toronto, ON Ethics in planned giving
Annual AFP – Toronto chapter congress, Toronto, ON Planned Giving for Small Shops: It CAN Be Done!