Ligia headshot

Me goofing off during the legacy masterclass at the 2019 AFP International Fundraising Conference in San Antonio

I’m Ligia

I have been fundraising for numerous Canadian organizations for nearly 20 years locally, nationally and internationally. I’ve done everything from donor acquisition, grant writing, major gifts to legacy giving (more commonly known as planned giving). I’ve also done a lot of communications, strategic planning, board development and everything in between.

In 2010, I earned my CFRE designation (tell me if you are thinking of getting your designation, I can help you!)

I have worked with organizations ranging from mental health, environmental education, at-risk youth, social services, to international NGOs.

One of my biggest passions is building fundraisers’ capacity by teaching, coaching, mentoring and presenting at conferences. My personal mission is to empower nonprofits to be strong and resilient.

Did I mention contributed to a book? I authored the Small Shop Fundraising chapter in Excellence in Fundraising in Canada, Volume 2. I also regularly contribute to the AFP’s newsletter, Advancing Philanthropy.

I am now a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kent School for Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research. My thesis is on organizations’ attitudes towards national legacy umbrella campaigns as a tool to change people’s behaviour towards gifts in wills.

When I’m not geeking out on legacy related things, I’m either knitting, cooking or planning my next trip.

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