Surpass Your Goals

With Your Own Personal Fundraising Coach

Be the best version of yourself with your own personal fundraising coach.

We all need a little help at some point in our career. Whether it’s to validate your strategy, help you develop your professional career, be a sounding board with your fundraising or legacy program …. basically, anything that is important to your growth.

It’s ok to need help, we all do. I have my coach that helps me stay motivated, that sets me straight when I feel lost and that inspires me to continue striving to be the best version of myself.


You are smart, you are passionate and you want to do right by your donors and your program beneficiaries.

You may have been feeling frustrated, stuck or unsure of how to elevate your fundraising program and your career.

Let me be your “wing (wo)man” 😉


Here’s what you can expect from our time together:

  • A review or proofing of your marketing materials or appeals;
  • Comment on your fundraising or legacy plan;
  • One-on-one, personalized videoconference calls;
  • Recordings of the calls (so you can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes);
  • You’ll get access to my Fundraising Resources Directory;
  • You’ll get honest, straight-forward answers to your questions;
  • Break the isolation and feel empowered and supported!
  • Amplify your fundraising career and raise more money!

  • Starter Package

    CAD/USD 599 1 month

    4 hours

  • Extra Support

    CAD/USD 1,399 2 months

    10 hours

  • Monthly Retainer

    CAD/USD Ask me!