We all need some inspiration ...

The aim of this resource page is to help you be inspired and to learn from others. 

It is by no means exhaustive but we’ll aim to add resources regularly. Of course, if you come across something really great, share it with us and we’ll add it to this page.

Here’s the library of books I have read or plan to read. You can also look at a great resource created by some of my nerdy friends: The Nonprofit Bookshelf. Lisa Sargent, writer extraordinaire, also shares her bookshelf on SOFII.

Need inspiration? Check out this Inspirational Legacy video playlist.  

Recommended blogs to read:


Ethics of Legacy Fundraising During Emergencies
Inside the Mind of the Bequest Donor - Dr. Russell James
Legacy Gift Announcement Form
Will Writing and Estate Planning Workbook
Sample Bequest Language
Sample Donor Gratitude Report
Sample Legacy Survey
Sample Donor Impact Report
Building a Business Case for Legacies

Some great legacy pages

Please note these are not pages that were developed by GlobetrottingFundraiser. They are links of pages that were passed on because these charities applied many of the online best practices you should include on your charity's website.


Greenpeace Australia Pacific

St. Gemma’s Hospice – check out their in-memory, it’s great!

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

St Christopher’s

Stay tuned, more to come ….

Would you like to share your charity's legacy page on this list, or do you want to nominate one?

Simply send me a message through my contact form with a link to the page!