In recent years, the knowledge and understanding of behavioural and decision science to help the nonprofit sector better market itself has seen a sharp increase. It has garnered a great deal of interest from management and fundraisers alike. There are academic centres and businesses set up to further explore and research their application in management, […]

We all want to implement the best approaches to engage and inspire donors to consider a gift in their will to our organizations. Which explains why it’s usually the first question I get asked when presenting a webinar or education session. Instinctively, I’d make a quick list off the top of my head. It became […]

I’ve been mulling over this topic for months, maybe years. As a nonprofit professional, we often have to rally people around a common goal and overcome objections. It can be challenging, it can even drain every ounce of energy we have. But here’s the thing, I’ve come to realize is that objections from other fundraising […]