Setting Intentions for a Successful 2021

When a client and a friend both suggested a blog by Chris Brogan, I knew it was time

When a client and a friend both suggested a blog by Chris Brogan, I knew it was time I actually carve out time to read more about him. His January 1, 2021 blog entitled My 3 Words for 2021 talks about choosing three words to guide your actions and choices for the year. 

We all know new year’s resolutions are simply pointless because within a few weeks, those resolutions are out the window and we revert back to old habits or what’s comfortable. Betcha you’re shaking your head, right?!

Although I’ve always been more about setting intentions, Chris’ approach to simply using 3 words, not 2 and not 4 (you’ll have to read his blog to understand why it has to be 3) makes total sense.

So here are my 3 words for 2021:

Write – when staring down a 30,000 PhD thesis and a weekly blog, a lot of writing (and reading) needs to happen. My intention is to bring more of my academic readings and research to the benefit of my weekly blog and any content developed from this point forward. What’s the point of getting an education if it’s isn’t shared for all to consume?!

Engage – focus on deeper engagement with readers, newsletter subscribers, clients, and colleagues from around the globe. What 2020 has shown us is the importance of finding ways to better connect and remain engaged while we all stay safe in our homes until this pandemic blows over. That being said, do engage with me if you have questions. Did you know that GlobetrottingFundraiser’s newsletter subscribers get a free 30-minute coaching call with me during their birthday month? What’u waitin’ for, sign up now!

Collaborate – with individuals and organizations that want to be successful, that share similar values, that really value the importance of financial sustainability through gifts in wills. Smart people. Nice people. Intelligent and ambitious people. Funny, dorky & nerdy people. With all the negativity in 2020, collaborating with positive people will be a must.


So what are your three words for 2021? Comment below or head over to Twitter and share your three words using #My3Words and #GlobetrottingFundraiser. Of course, don’t forget to tag me too at @GlobetrottingFr

Let’s live with intention!



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