ABCR Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil – June 6 – 8, 2019

Session: Ten Ideas to Elevate Your Small Shop Fundraising Program

A sala lotou tanto que fiquei imaginando se havia pessoas nas outras paralelas

Translation: The room was so crowded that I wondered if there were people in the other sessions

Foi excelente, na verdade. Trouxe inúmeras ideias que podem ser facilmente adaptadas na minha organização. A palestra foi feita com segurança, conhecimento e simpatia

Translation: It was excellent, actually. I have come out with many ideas that can easily be adapted for my organization. The session was presented with confidence, knowledge and it was pleasant.

Destaco com a melhor, pelo aprendizado que me proporcionou

Translation: This session stood out as the best for the learnings I acquired.

AFP Webinar – February 7, 2018

Title: Working Your Legacy Pipeline

“This is the first time I’ve heard this topic presented in such a structured way, very helpful to understand how to segment donors and respond to each of them appropriately”

I liked the way she broke down the steps of a donor’s progression and ways to respond at each stage”

AFP Webinar – June 7, 2017

Title: I Wish I’d Thought of That Ten Years Ago! Launching a Successful Legacy Program

“Excellent presentation!  Well organized and thorough.  Thanks!!”

Overall a good session. I like the info about mining data and rating prospects

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